About Cannabis Musings.

Marc Hauser has been writing Cannabis Musings since 2018, providing his irreverent and unique take on a weekly-ish basis about cannabis industry business, law, and capital markets.

(email me at marc@hauseradvisory.com if you want to read about some of the older posts)

About Marc.

Marc Hauser is widely recognized as one of the leading advisors to the U.S. cannabis industry. Prior to starting Hauser Advisory, Marc worked as an attorney for nearly 25 years, advising clients and colleagues on billions of dollars of business transactions worldwide.  He has dedicated his practice to the cannabis industry since 2018, and was named by peer-ranked Chambers USA and Legal 500 as a Leading Lawyer who “knows the industry and players through and through.” Working closely with clients to balance risks and maximize optionality in a complex business environment, Marc has extensive connections throughout the industry that give him access to an extensive knowledge base and skill set, benefiting clients and relationships.  Marc is also an Adjunct Professor at Northwestern University's School of Law, co-teaching "Cannabis Law, Business & Policy".

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Irreverent commentary on Cannabis industry business, law, and capital markets since 2018 (ask me about older posts!).


Hauser Advisory - advice, strategy, and industry engagement. Ex-lawyer. Author of Cannabis Musings. Adjunct Professor at Northwestern Law.